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        BZ800 Type Automatic Packing Line

        RTM1300A Hot-melt Glue Honeycomb Laminating Line

        RTM1300B Hot-melt Glue Door Laminationg Machine

        RTM1300 Hot-melt Glue Standard Laminating Line

        RTM1300B Automatic Laminating Line

        RTM1300C WPC Floor Laminating Line

        KFL1300/300 fast floor wax sealing machine

        SLT200 High Speed Hot Stamping Machine(hot stamping series)

        DT300-1300 Plate Angle Hot Stamping Machine(hot stamping series)


        The factory is located in beautiful scenery and outstanding, developed economy and convenient transportation of the southern city of Jiangsu city of Wuxi province. Specializing in the production of a variety of decorative materials surface treatment equipment. Set up over the years the continuous development and innovation, the formation of a series of plastic film, hot stamping, printing, painting and other special light decoration machinery. And dare to be good at developing the special needs of users of mechanical equipment...


        Introduction of hot melt coating machine

        Introduction of hot melt coating machine:1, hot melt coating machine is a kind of solid to solvent, water content, 100% soluble polymer, solid at room temperature, heating and melt...

        YBW31000/31300 type three color board printing machine

        Product name:YBW31000/31300 type three color board printing machineProduct brief:Performance useThis machine is used for PVC wood plastic board, wood flooring, foam board, wall pla...

        Wuxi Sheng Jin Machinery Co., Ltd. main products

        Our company representative products: BFL1300 * 300 floor wax machine; state intellectual products awarded FMTY300 type dual-use sheet film hot stamping machine patent; FMD300/400 t...

        With the development of market of domestic printing machine technologies in China

        A, four-color offset press has become the darling of the market gradually Before the exhibition of domestic offset press are mainly composed of single, double color, four-colo...

        Liquid film covering: protective coating technology for printed matter

        To have introduced a large-format inkjet equipment for silk screen printing, laminating machine has become they will choose a post-press processing equipment. Effect of the initial...



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